A Comparison To Be Made

A lot of people have tried to make comparisons between our own (UK) democracy and Russia’s in the infamous Pussy Riot case. Someone asked on another blog what would’ve happened had Pussy Riot gone in Westminster Abbey criticising the Queen/PM and that made me think indeed. After searching a bit I found a case from 2010.

English: Liverpool John Lennon Airport
Liverpool John Lennon Airport (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Harry Taylor, who put offensive religious images in a prayer room at Liverpool Airport. The maximum sentence he could’ve got was seven years; instead he got a suspended two years sentence, a five year ASBO, 100 hours of community service, a £250 fine, and a ban on carrying atheist literature in public.

Not quite the same as Pussy Riot, but a harsh enough charge to make you think that maybe the British judiciary isn’t so keen on petty vandalism, ‘religious hatred’, or ‘free speech’.

Free Speech is a great idea until someone disagrees with you I guess.

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