What next week means for the 2012 US Election

First of all we’ll have the Democrat Party Convention in Charlotte, NC.We’ve already heard from the Republican Party, and now we’ll hear from the incumbents.

Although Obama isn’t doing too bad in the polls, America has and is still suffering; a majority didn’t like the way he handled the economy and the way the America has recovered from the recession. This will make it hard for him to focus on achievements, and will probably mean his speeches in Charlotte will be more focused on attacking Romney and playing on the fears of ordinary Americans for what might happen if such a core party representative as Romney comes to power.  Ironic due to his previous platform of hope and change.

Reddit welcomes Obama

What he needs to do is give the voters a clear idea of what he wants and will do with four more years. Essential to this election, is how Obama motivates his grassroots campaign (something that he did by doing a Reddit IAMa, and he could go further by highlighting his Obamacare reform).