Discussion relevant to 11/11, Remembrance day in the United Kingdom.


Topical! This was written by a friend of mine:

British people are well-known for their aversion to national symbols, almost as much as the Germans. Flag-waving is strictly limited to sports and the occasional royal event, and even then, a lot of people unknowingly flaunt it upside-down or back-to-front. There’s none of this Scandinavian miniature flag nonsense, where personal celebrations and national flags collide in confusing fashion – British birthday cakes are decorated with those silver balls that don’t really taste of anything, and British Christmas trees are crowned with angels haphazardly made out of cardboard, dry pasta shapes, and liberal splashings of glitter-glue. As far as most Brits are concerned, the personal and the private are no domain for the patriotic. It makes us uncomfortable.

It’s not just flags, crowns, and bulldogs, though. I’ve realised that we’ve slowly acquired another national symbol, which is happily paraded around by almost…

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