Comments & Curios IV

Merkel shepherds the EU away from fiscal cliffs

The last minute negotiations in Washington to avoid a budget shortfall show that short-termism is well grounded in US politics. And by contrast, it shows that despite her controversial handling of the euro crisis, the German chancellor is wise enough to instead push for long-term solutions.

OS – NRC Handelsblad

‘Vintage’ site that tells you what’s happening around the world

It’s hard to keep up on current events, the dominant stories in one country might not even be shown in yours – here’s a little tool to rectify that which seems more useful than the Wiki portal for current events, albeit less aesthetic.

A quick argument on why theories should be simple

When we consider theories, it may be that depicting actors’ behaviors as following rationalist behaviors are deeply false, but nevertheless useful. We shouldn’t be deluded into mistaking assumptions for reality but we should also not forego the power of simplification.

Coup forecasts for 2013

As the title implies, it’s a prediction of coups for 2013. Should be interesting to keep watch.