Why Russians (or at least Muscovites) have dash cams

Dash cams surged up in popularity because cops used to be crazy, they still are, but I’m talking ridiculously crazy. They would extort money, because they were corrupt, for anything. Many people didn’t know the laws because buying licenses was so easy (maybe it still is, there’s Moscow and then there’s the regions).

The first videos on Youtube were a trickle of people who knew they could get away with filming a police officer (despite many of the police saying they couldn’t). These kinds of people usually ended up getting away without a ticket because they were smarter than the cops. This soon went up like crazy, and wasn’t exclusive to the smarter members of society.

After this, there were two main reasons why dash cams were still popular and that videos were being uploaded onto Youtube. Firstly, that you can get off the hook for an accident if it’s not your fault, and secondly that you could get some funny stuff on video. A lot of people say it’s just because of insurance fraud, which is partly true, but not the whole picture.

Anyway, I’ve been watching a few dash cam videos and realised I could share some thoughts. Here’s a video for tiding over http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPkE2hHneP4&feature=share

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  1. Actually dash cams are on the rise in Western countries as well. They prove invaluable if anything ever happens that you would like to keep proof off, be it a crash, improbable events like meteor strikes, or even scenery or wildlife.

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