Olympian Hangover for the British Government


The fortnight long party that was the Olympics has ended, and with it the Olympic spirit that momentarily distracted everyone from politics. A much needed moral boost for politics has now left, suddenly.

With the public memory of poorly implemented health reforms, a controversial budget, and the PR-disaster that was cutting taxes for the super rich Cameron has a lot to work on in the run up to the election. The credibility of the deficit reduction plan is no longer a prominent part of PR, coming at a time when all but one of the economists who praised the plan have now regretted doing so.

The economy is no longer a strong point, but Cameron’s Big Society. What was seen as specious (at best) in 2010 has now finally pulled together. 70,000 volunteers, known appropriately as the ‘Game-makers’ contributed and the world at large was impressed at their good humour, professionalism, and the atmosphere they brought. Stifled laughter in government circles over the ‘Big Society’ might be current, but a campaign that highlights some of the few achievements the current government made might be vital to the Conservative’s future.

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